The Fabulous Perks Of Being A Casino High Roller

Posted by Larry Clark

Casinos wouldn’t be the same without the high rollers. In a way, they and casinos have always gone hand in hand, and are the sort of role-model that casinos want to portray to the gambling public in terms of what they could potentially become. In other words, someone who is successful, larger than life, takes big chances, wins big as a result, and, most importantly, spends lots of money at casinos.

  1. A Devoted Personal Staff

One of the most common benefits that casinos might offer you as a high roller is the option of employing a team of specialized staff to oversee your every need and comfort, and also to guide and organise your stay at the casino for your maximum enjoyment.

Most commonly, there is the “Host”. He or she will generally act as a personal representative of the casino and resort and be the grand architect and coordinator of your casino experience. The Host will be responsible for everything, from your reservations and lodging, your transport, down to your meals and daily entertainment. The Host will also work hard behind the scenes to make sure that everything during your stay goes, not just smoothly and hassle free, but like a dream.

Then there is the “Concierge”. The Concierge is your personal guide to the high rolling casino world, and will take you to all the best casino floors, games, events, restaurants and clubs, and basically wherever you may fancy. They will get you through doors, and past queues, give you tips and advice, and handle everything for you while you relax, enjoy your food and drink, and gamble to your heart’s content.

  1. Travelling in Style

Most big casinos will ensure that, as a high roller, wherever and whenever you travel, from the moment you touch down at the airport, and throughout your stay, you do so in comfort and style. From limousines, to boats, and for some, even private jets and helicopters, the casino will make sure you arrive at your destination in a fitting manner.

  1. The Very Best Accommodation

As with the transport, you will naturally also be given access to the very best in accommodation that the casino and resort has to offer. It might be a prime suite in the five-star hotel, or a private spot in a luxury villa. Rest assured though; they will aim to impress.

  1. The Life Of The Rich & Famous

It is a life that most only ever read about or see in movies. As a high roller though, you will, at the very least, get’s a taste of it, if not a full helping. Casinos tend to attract some very rich and famous individuals, and you might not only get to meet them, but to mingle with them in a fancy lounge somewhere.

  1. Comps & Tons Of Free Stuff

Aside from being waited on like royalty, you will undoubtedly be given tons of complimentary and free stuff during your visit, from VIP access to clubs and venues, to backstage tickets to big events, there will be a virtual bouquet of freebies to pick from and enjoy.

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