Six New Exciting And Game-Changing Online Casino Technologies

Posted by Larry Clark

In recent times, a number of landmark technological advancements have aided in the rise of online casinos to become the preferred form of gambling world-wide. This is largely to do with rapidly improving technology and casino software providing unsurpassed convenience, accessibility, and quality of user experience. This in turn has led to a greater public interest in gambling than ever before.

  1. Virtual Reality & AR

Virtual reality, and its variation, augmented reality, are hugely exciting new technologies that are fast changing several industries of the world and have generated high hopes when it comes to online gambling. Though there are some basic virtual casinos already made and available at the moment, the plan is too, very soon, open full-fledged, mind blowing, VR casinos, with thousands of games, full player and environment interactivity, and thematic locations literally out of this world!

  1. Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain transactions and cryptocurrency is very quickly establishing itself as the more secure and practical online method of transaction and is largely predicted to dominate and become the standard within the next few years.

Most online casinos have long been onto this though and are sure to include it on their sites as a transaction method.

  1. Live Dealers

Live dealer games are a popular new innovation in online casino gambling that has merged the new with the old. They are essentially online games that employ actual people, viewed in a casino-like setting and background, as the dealers, instead of a computer generated one. This has proved be highly successful amongst a large number of gamblers that simply trust or prefer interaction with people, and also enjoy the more traditional and realistic casino setting.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, in its many forms, has become an integral part of number of industries, for a wide variety of purposes. In online gambling, it is used to provide better online assistance, to manage certain aspects of online casino sites, and also in the function of the games themselves. It is also used to stream-line the online gambler’s user experience. This is just the beginning though, as the potential of AI is absolutely colossal, and is predicted to soon run, well, basically everything.

  1. Smartwatches

Smartwatches have been soaring in sales over recent years to become the latest and greatest mobile device on the market. It will be difficult to beat the sheer convenience and mobility of such a small and unobtrusive smart device attached to your wrist, such as a watch. With their innovative design and function that makes up for the small screen-space, online casinos and game developers are simply jumping at the opportunity.

  1. Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming technology is causing great interest as it may very well redefine the way much of current technology and software, such as games and apps, is created and distributed. Cloud gaming allows for greater information storage capability, as well as high-end graphics, processing, gameplay and user interaction, without the need for users to install bulky software on their own devices, thus making their experience far more hassle-free and stream-lined.

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