Dog Father Slot Review

Posted by Larry Clark

Dog Father slot by Microgaming offers the player twenty paylines and five reels.

The art style for Dog Father is a cartoon style that uses colourful characters and a comic book feel to transport the player to the criminal underworld of organised crime. With such heavy subject matter, the oversized and exaggerated drawings help to keep the tone light and fun.

Behind the reel, the background of this slot is a scene on the city streets. To the left and the right, there are two red brick buildings with glowing orange windows. Under the builds are two tunnels that lead into the dark underworld of the city streets. At the bottom there is a black tar road next to a grey sidewalk. The game designers have done a very good job of communicating the feeling of being on the streets of some major city where organised crime is rife, and wise guys roam looking to collect money and enforce the will of the Godfather, or in this case, Dog Father.

To the left and the right of the reel the player can see the markings for the twenty paylines available in this game. There are numbers with multiple colours as backgrounds. These colours include blue, green, red, yellow, tan, purple mint, pink, magenta, maroon and brown. The bright colours of these backgrounds help to give the reel screen some pop and make for a very nice presentation for the player.

At the top of the reel, the name of the slot is displayed in red with a white outline. In addition, to the left of the name, is a dog paw print. Under most Australian slots online games, there are several buttons that display information for the player and their betting options. On the far left is a yellow fire hydrant that displayed the number of coins the player has left to play with. To the right of the fire hydrant is 10x and 5x buttons as well as an autoplay button. These buttons are in the shape of a dog tag. Continuing to the right there is lines, coins, bet max and spin buttons. Above them the player is given the respective number of each. If the player chooses, they can adjust things like lines and bet to suit their preferred play style.

Dog Father Slot Symbols

The symbols for this slot are aligned with the theme of gangsters and organised crime. Symbols for this game include a pair of Doberman, a purple rabbit with piles of money, a pair of brass knuckles with spikes, a cigar with a wallet full of money, a pistol with bullets, yellow gloves and many more. If not for these symbols, the dog theme of this game might be overlooked by potential players.

Bonus Features

This slot has many bonus features including a free spins feature. In order to get free spins, the player must get scatter symbols. The scatter symbol in this game is a golden flee dressed in a striped shirt. If the player lands either four of five of these golden flee symbols, they are given thirteen free spins. Prizes that are awarded during these spins are tripled, which can be seen as strange because thirteen is often seen as an unlucky number. There’s nothing unlucky about tripling a player’s prizes.

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