Count Yer Cash Slot Review

Posted by Larry Clark

Count Yer Cash slot by Mazooma Interactive games offers the player 5 reels and 20 paylines.

The art style in Count Yer Cash slot game is a cartoon style with vivid, bright, fun colours and a haunting theme. The characters are not realistically drawn, but this helps to convey the light hearted nature of the slot and brings the fun factor up significantly.

Behind the reel, the player can see a very haunting and spooky background. The background is a light blue that fades as a gradient to a dark navy blue and finally into black. On the left and right side, there are trees that are dead and barren with their many branches reaching up into the night sky. In the top left corner, the player can see a spooky castle with a bright blue and white moon sitting behind it.

The moon is full and is producing an eerie blue glow that casts shadows on the rest of the background. The castle itself has many turrets and soft orange lights can be seen glowing out of several of the tower windows. Occasionally, a series of clouds will move across the moon in a dramatic animation. The reel itself is outlined in a gilded gold colour with trickster demons perched in each corner. These demons are grinning. They have curled horns with sharp claws, sharp teeth, pointy ears, and noses that are pressed up. They are clutching on to each of the four corners with long fingers and staring at the player.

To the left and right of the reel the player can see the various paylines for this game. These paylines, from top to bottom, include a four, ten, two, eight, seven, one, six, nine, three, eleven and five. Under the reel, the player is presented with information about the slot as well as various betting options. This information is displayed on a silver bar. From left to right, the player can see their stake per line, how many lines they are betting, the total stake they have per spin, and the total amount paid. The stake per line and lines played can be adjusted by using small black arrows. Both can be adjusted up or down between spins as the player sees fit. There is also a green spin button and a green auto spin button as well as a blue pay table button that the player can utilise.

Count Yer Cash Slot Symbols

The symbols in Count Yer Cash all follow along with the haunting theme of this casino slots game. The slot symbols include a green vampire, a Frankenstein monster with yellow skin and purple hair, a mad scientist with blue eyes, a red wild symbol, a grey bat in front of a blue moon, a red and purple heart, a brown coffin, a count yer cash symbol, and a ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace symbol.

Bonus Features

This slot features a free spin bonus that can be activated by the player. In order to activate the free spin bonus, the player simple has to get three or more of the red and purple heart shaped symbols. If the player gets three hearts, they are awarded fifteen free spins. If they get four hearts, they are awarded twenty five free spins. If they get five hearts, they are awarded one hundred free spins.

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