Details about Odobo HTML5 Games Coming to Betfair Casino

Posted by Larry Clark

Odobo developed and implemented the original HTML5 Marketplace and Developer Program for real-money casino play. The gaming industry were provided with a modern, fully distributed and cloud-enabled solution that offered new premium device-interoperable HTML5 games.

Odobo HTML5 Games coming to Betfair Casino was the headline that meant so much to Odobo. Their system, which was devised by industry veterans specialising in mission-critical systems, to be provided to Betfair via the Odobo Marketplace. At the time, Betfair was the second operator to join the Odobo Marketplace. This would provide Odobo with a fresh distribution opportunity comprising nearly a million active customers, representing some 100 countries, using Betfair.

The Mutual Benefits of the Arrangement

This represented a meaningful opportunity for Odobo since Betfair is one of the largest online casino and betting operators internationally. With Odobo HTML5 Games coming to Betfair Casino, Betfair would have immediate access to the 23 games currently live in the Odobo Marketplace, which included a set of exclusive FIFA World Cup games. More titles were commissioned. Dozens of studios were involved in developing this innovative content using Odobo’s sophisticated suite of development tools. This was known as their Game Development Kit.

At the time of Odobo HTML5 Games coming to Betfair Casino, the Chief Business Affairs Officer at Odobo had thought that Odobo provided a powerful new way to engage game developers to provide new content. Their model was unique and supported all the key stakeholders in the industry. Odobo recognised that the deal also represented a huge distribution opportunity for them as approved developers.

The Original Aim of Odobo

The Odobo organisation set out initially to disrupt and improve the way games are produced, distributed, marketed, played and accessed in a regulated gaming environment. The intent was to address most of the costs, difficulties and technical impediments to developing new content. The model would at the same time establish incentives for the continuous improvement of game quality.

As can be seen from the way Odobo HTML5 Games coming to Betfair Casino headline, some operators and developers supported Odobo’s vision. Odobo were in the great position of having worked with some of the giants of the casino industry, and knew quite clearly that literally hundreds of thousands of casino players who have had their casino play enhanced with the application of the Odobo technologies.

All Good Things

Odobo believe, evidently, that marketplaces require an even wider access levels. Despite the potential volumes from deals such as Odobo HTML5 Games coming to Betfair Casino, it is not easy trying to survive with difficult to understand rules and regulations. The development costs and production costs need to be funded from incoming business and Odobo found it was receiving insufficient income even though these markets were now available.

Odobo tried very hard to stay in business, but, as they say, it is a numbers game, and with the low margins in a competitive industry that depends purely on averages over time, large volumes of clients must be generated for companies to show a profit. The large volumes never happened, and now Odobo has made the very difficult decision to close the business.

Odobo stopped transacting on 31 May 2016. Their offices were closed on 10 June 2016. They communicated their sorrow at the affect would have on their partners and clients.

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