3 Card Poker

Posted by Larry Clark

Attention Drawn to 3 Card Poker

Poker is of such popularity that it has evolved into literally hundreds of different poker games. Different types of poker are constantly being reinvented and rediscovered. One of these games that is returning to the spotlight, and adds to the poker game multitudes is 3 Card Poker. This is an action-rich, abbreviated poker game that combines the games of Caribbean stud poker with Let It Ride.

Winning at this Poker Variation

The basic objective of 3 Card Poker is to achieve a three card poker hand that is either better than the dealers’ hand or contains at least a pair or higher, or both. The game starts with players placing an ante bet. The ante can be placed against the dealers’ hand, on achieving a pair or better, or on both options.

The player and the dealer are then dealt three cards each. The dealers’ cards are dealt face down. The player will then review his cards and decide whether to fold or to play. Should they decide to fold, then they will lose whatever ante bets have been made. If the player decides to play, a further play bet equal to the ante has to be made.

The dealer then reveals his cards. In order to qualify it has to contain a queen or better. If the dealer has a hand that qualifies to play further, the players’ cards are revealed and a poker showdown happens. Should the player win, they are paid out at even money.

Should the dealers’ hand not qualify, the player receives even money on their ante bet. The play wager is returned as a push.

Just a Few Benefits

The benefits of having borne the game rules, and stayed the reading course, are some strategic tips. In 3 Card Poker play like the dealer. With a hand of queen or better, either bet in the play spot or fold. Hands of a pair or better will be dealt 1 in every 4 hands. Given the odds on offer, this becomes a pure game of chance. The dealer will qualify with 2 hands out of 3 dealt. Four out of every ten ante hands placed should end up winning an ante bonus.

The game of 3 Card Poker makes for a good action level poker game. Playing against the dealer like blackjack, and then against the poker three card odds is a unique game variation.

Features of the Card Game

One of the most attractive features of 3 Card Poker is that beating the dealer pay out regardless. In 3 Card Poker, should a dealers’ hand fail to qualify, the players’ hand is nevertheless played out according to the pay table, based on standard poker hands. Up to a Straight is paid out at even money, Three of a Kind wins at a rate of 4 to 1, while a Straight Flush gets the player 5 to 1.

Betting on their hand being a pair or better means the dealers’ game has no bearing on the bet at all. Pay outs for the best online pokies Australia are conducted on the game bonus aspect. A Pair pays out at even money, a Flush pays out 4 to 1, and a Straight 6 to 1. The top rewards at 3 Card Poker are Three of a Kind, which pays out 30 to 1, and a Straight Flush that wins at a rate of 40 to 1.

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