Weirdest Bets Recorded in Canada

Posted by Larry Clark

What classifies a bet as weird? Is it the fact that the odds are stacked against you, or that the actual bets themselves are weird in terms of the fact that the winnings turn out to be a horde of clowns that rock up at your house on a random Tuesday to sing you the winning song? Funny enough, the Canadian world of online betting actually has a sub-culture called novelty betting.

What is novelty betting you ask? Well in essence a novelty bet is a bet that can cover anything from the outcome being impossible, to highly plausible, these bets are not designed for any gambler to make on a regular basis, but more for a gambler to make every now and then as a novelty.

These bets are often times accompanied by very high odds as most of the time the outcome is not in a grey area but rather in a deciding factor of yes or no.

For example, during the election season, Canada’s politicians are able to be wagered against where punters are able to wager on their favourite candidate for the win, this is a novelty bet as it can either be right or wrong and will only happen during these elections.

Novelty bets are a fun and interesting way for punters to keep the online betting NZ world exciting with a wide range of things to bet on.

What Are Some Of The Weirdest Bets That Can Be Placed?

It is extremely hard to pinpoint the top few weirdest bets that can be placed. The Canadian betting market has many different options for placing these bets and punters have a wide variety of bets to choose from. We have selected a few of our favourite bets that we thought were interesting and worth a mention.

You can bet that aliens will be discovered by the year 2019, although the odds are high, the payout on those odds will be massive if you are correct. Punters in Canada are able to place a bet claiming that in the year 2019, humans will have discovered and proven that aliens exist.

This bet is pretty straightforward to understand, but we still like the idea of this bet, science can propel us into the future and if you make the correct prediction, science can propel you into the winning seat which isn’t necessarily the case when you play the legal Canadian online bingo has to offer or other gaming options available to players.

By far the most exciting bet that we were able to find is the bet where Canadian punters are able to try to predict when the end of the world will occur. After the Mayan calendar predicted that the world would end in the year 2012, Canadian betting sites had a rise in bettors placing bets that this would become a reality. By far one of the weirdest things that anybody can bet on.

Novelty betting is a fun and exciting way to break away from the norm and take online betting to a whole new level. It provides bettors with huge odds and exceptionally different avenues to make their bets. Whilst a lot of these bets are very straightforward and easy to play, the rewards of winning may be huge and in your favour.

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