The Copa América Centenario in Detail for Sports Bettors

Posted by Larry Clark

The Copa América Centenario, translated to English as the Centennial Cup America, is an international men’s football tournament that was held in the United States of America in 2016 as a celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL and the Copa América. This was the first Copa América that was not hosted in South America.

The Copa América Centenario took place as a special edition football tournament between the standard four-year cycle and was the forty-fifth edition of the Copa América. The tournament featured ten team from the CONMEBOL (The South American Football Confederation) and the CONCACAF (Football Federation for North and Central America and the Caribbean). As a special edition tournament, the Copa América Centenario was a once-off event that did not replace the proceedings of the standard Copa América, and also did not allow the winners to automatically be invited to the next FIFA Confederations Cup.

The countries and teams that competed in the Copa América Centenario were Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Haiti, and Panama.

Betting on the Copa América Centenario

Sports betting on the Copa América Centenario would have gained an additional chance to enjoy some football betting due to the special nature of this event. However, the nature on betting on football, or, as it is commonly known in the United States, soccer, would have been the same.

Football Betting Tips

Sports bettors wishing to bet on football would obviously need to be familiar with the sport itself, knowing all the rules and regulations thereof. They would also require some knowledge of the teams and players, particularly those playing in the Copa América Centenario. There are, however, a few more specific betting tips that may be useful when choosing to bet on football.

For one, it is important for sports bettors to become acquainted with how the team has been playing and handling itself in recent matches. This will help them discover trends as well the respective team’s strengths and weakness.

Sports bettors will also need to consider how the team performs at home and on foreign ground. Since a tournament such as the Copa América Centenario requires most of the teams, except, of course, the hosting team, to play on foreign ground, it is important to know how teams perform on foreign ground. This will help sports bettors make better decisions about betting.

When it comes to a specific match, punters can also look at the history of both of the teams competing, and compare this to player details, team details, and home and away records. Knowing the history of two opposition teams will help sports bettors make more informed betting decisions.

In addition, sports bettors should look at some team specifics when considering who to bet on. This includes team news, such as injuries, suspensions or other emotional issues that may affect a team’s play. Motivation is also an important factor to consider, and sports bettors need to ask themselves how important the game will be to the team. If winning is a must, then motivation is at an all-time high and sports bettors can probably expect good results.

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