Playing Poker Pursuit at Mobile Casino Made Easy with Our Guide

Posted by Larry Clark

Poker is becoming more and more popular in mobile and online casinos, and it’s not difficult to see why. The busy lifestyle of today means that many players don’t get to offline Poker games as much as they’d like to, and playing on your desktop, tablet or smartphone can be the perfect solution.

The software of today gets better all the time as well, so that the games are more authentic and immersive. One of the biggest advantages of playing online is that you can try out different versions of the game, with many more options than would be available in a single land-based venue. Poker Pursuit is very popular, and mobile online casino Poker Pursuit is a good way to enjoy it.

The Basics of Poker Pursuit

Land-based and mobile online casino Poker Pursuit games are quite a lot like Five Card Stud Poker. A standard 52-card deck is used, and traditional Poker hand rankings apply. Before any cards are dealt, initial bets are placed.

Each player then gets a hand of 3 face-up cards, and can decide to Raise and add more to the pot, or to Call and leave the wager as it stands. A fourth card is then dealt to all players, and the process is repeated. A fifth card is dealt to everyone in the third and final round.

All land-based and mobile online casino Poker Pursuit games are accompanied by tables that will show you the odds and potential payouts for different combinations of cards. Wins are calculated on the final hand.

Payouts usually begin with 1:1 for a pair and go up to 999:1 for a royal flush. If there are no paying combinations in your hand, you lose and forfeit your bets to the house. This version of Poker does rely more on chance than the original game, but you do still need to use shrewd strategy when you play Poker Pursuit.

Considered Decisions

Whereas in many other Poker games available in today’s market, you get to decide whether or not to draw more cards, in mobile online casino Poker Pursuit and its land-based counterparts, this is not the case. Without any control over this aspect of the game, you need to focus your tactical moves on the bets that you make. When you place your wagers, and how much they are for, can really influence your wins.

Since the first stake has to be made before your first 3 cards are dealt and seen, you should let this amount be determined by your budget when first starting to play. As your confidence grows, you may choose to place higher bets at this time as well.

If you see the beginnings of a strong hand in your first 3 cards, Raise before the 4th card is dealt. Remember, final odds are applied to the entire bet, so it’s important to Raise before the 4th and 5th cards are seen if you can. If a paying line-up can already be seen in your first 3 cards, bet as much as you can!

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