Play iPhone Craps with an Excellent Guide

Posted by Larry Clark

Craps has a longstanding reputation for providing players with sophisticated gambling action and nail-biting suspense. Traditionally played with dice at games tables in land-based casinos, this revered game can now be enjoyed at home, at the office, or on the move!

iPhone craps puts the action and entertainment of a two centuries-old game within easy reach of players. Available at top online casinos powered by software developers, different editions of this game give players endless opportunities to guess the outcomes of the dice for fun or for big wins.

Optimised for iPhone

Players can enjoy iPhone craps knowing that they are in for a gaming experience of the highest quality.

These games are available on platforms optimised for iPhone, so players can expect smooth playing action, outstanding 3D graphics and animations, sumptuous sound effects, easy to navigate interfaces, and a host of dazzling special features.

Download and No Download Playing Options

There are two iPhone craps playing options available to players, and both of them make gaming on the go convenient and easy.

For almost instant access to this thrilling game, players can enjoy No Download Flash versions in browser like punters of the internet’s top digital betting sites. It is as simple as logging on and selecting the preferred game. For access to a wider range of games and features optimised for iPhone, players should download the app for iOS devices, available at top online casinos.

A Quick Look at iPhone Craps

iPhone craps is played according to the same rules as land-based casino craps. The gaming action takes place on a table marked with specific areas in which chips are placed. The placement of the chips determines the payouts.

Basic gameplay sees players bet on the outcomes of rolls of two six-sided dice. Bets are placed at the beginning of a round.

Among the traditional craps bets players can place are Any Craps, Any Seven, Pass Line, Don’t Come Bar, Don’t Pass Bar, Come, Big Six, Big Eight, Field Bet, Buy Bet, Hardway Bet, Lay Bet, and Place Bet to Lose.

Once bets have been placed, players tap to roll the iPhone craps dice. The results of the two dice will be added to produce the score of the roll; the individual numbers only being relevant to specific bets.

An example of this is a roll score of nine. A nine made up of a four and a five is different to a nine made up of a three and a six.

The Pass Line bet is the most basic of the craps bets, and this is the one most commonly placed by new and casual players. If the first roll score is seven or 11, this bet usually pays out at even money. If the first roll score is two, three, or 12, players lose the bet.

Any other roll score is known as the Point. If a roll determines the Point, players can place Odds bets below their Pass Line bets; a move known as Taking the Odds.

The Pass Line bet will pay out at even money if the Point is rolled for a second time, before a seven is rolled.

Play for Fun or Wins

Players can enjoy iPhone craps for free, just for fun, by playing trial versions or by claiming No Deposit or Free Bets offers provided by online pokies NZ.

The game can also be played with real money for massive wins by funding accounts using secure online casino banking services.

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