Paradise Suite Online Slots

Posted by Larry Clark

WMS has managed once again to develop an online game that is like a fresh breath of air for the enthusiasts out there.

The display features of Paradise Suite are new and exciting and so easy to use. This online slot features 5 reels and 15 paylines and a breakaway to an island filled with sun, sea and Pina coladas.

You can dream up your perfect beach vacation, and chances are that you will find most of your favourite ideas featuring as symbols in Paradise Suite. Paradise Suite is a mood lifter with crazy vacation symbols like champagne on ice, holiday shorts, a camera, scuba gear, a hotel room key, sandcastles, a pineapple and a cocktail.

Bonus Features

Paradise Suite gets your holiday feeling on with a bonus round called “Hotel”. When the bonus feature is triggered by landing 2 or more of those hotel room keys, it takes you to a whole new screen where you get to decide your own fate by choosing one of the keys in the hope that your chosen key will unlock the luxury Paradise Suite in order to claim the bonus winnings that is hidden in that hotel room.

The second bonus round is triggered when you strike 3 or more of the surfboard symbols. Paradise Suite is an interactive online slot, and this is proven in the way this game prompts you to participate and perform for winnings. This surfing bonus round presents you with 5 surfboards, and you can choose your preferred surfboard. Now you have to perform 8 stunts in order to winning the grand prize of this bonus round. If you manage to pull off a few tricks but not enough to land the grand prize, do not despair because there is still smaller prizes to be won as well.

What To Expect From Paradise Suite

This is overall an easy game to play and you do not have to focus on how the game works, to such an extent, that you forget to enjoy the game.

This game is accompanied by a typical island tune together with beating drums that makes you feel like you are about to embark on vacation.

Paradise Suite is not just fun, it is also rewarding.  If you manage to trigger 5 champagne bottle symbols on one payline, you will have won 25 000 coins. The symbol of all symbols, with the highest value, is the purple flower. If you manage to land 5 of these majestic flowers, your winnings will come to an amazing 50 000 coins.

Paradise Suite Interface

WMS has really made an effort to create an online slot with a difference. Paradise Suite has the pay table set up as part of the display at the top your screen, which is a great feature, because the player can continuously keep an eye on the payout amounts and familiarise themselves with the pay table of the game without exiting or pausing the online slot.

The betting range is for every type of player, from the person who is playing small to the high rollers. You can view your bet amount at all times, as well as adjust your stake whenever you feel like it. There is a maximum bet button conveniently placed on the screen for those moments you feel lucky and want to bet to the maximum.

Paradise Suite also allows you to turn down the volume of the soothing vacation like tune in the instance where you want to focus without interference.