Matching Gems In GEMIX

Posted by Larry Clark

GEMIX, powered by Play ‘n Go, is a unique online gambling game, featuring a pleasant theme, cute music, different worlds, and the potential to make real money. Random coloured gems drop from the top of the screen and land in the viewing area; if these gems form matches, they payout and disappear, allowing new gems to enter from the top. This allows for multiple possible matches in a single round. Note that each matching sequence pays out less, in comparison to other games, but the possibility of multiple matches can create big wins quickly. A bonus gem charging system allows for unique special features, not seen in other games.

Matching Gems

GEMIX works via a simple system; gems must simply land beside identical gems, with matches determined by identical colour and shape. When a match is made, up to a total five, the gems explode and allow new symbols to enter from the top of the viewing area. A wild symbol is also present in each world, being a lantern in the first world, which will help create multiple winning opportunities. A different wild symbol is present in each of the three worlds. Further bonus features are possible, which can trigger massive cascading wins.

Crystal Charge Bonuses

As gems or matched, a crystal charges on the right of the screen. If enough matches are made, and the crystal fully charges, it will release one of four bonus effects. These can create massive winnings, that may compound and snowball into even bigger winnings. The crystal may, for example, transform all gems of a certain colour, in the viewing area, to become identical. These gems will then match and create further winning opportunities as new gems fall from the top. The crystal will charge further, allowing for even bigger effects, and even more winning opportunities.

New Worlds

GEMIX has three different worlds in which to play, which is a very unique feature as far as online gambling games go. To advance to a new world, notice the blue blocks in the background. If a gem is matched in front of a blue block, it will turn gold. When all the blue blocks are gold, the player advances to the next world. Each world comes with its own unique features and potential bonuses. The bonuses are, of course, bigger in each consecutive world.

User Interface System

GEMIX features a user interface designed to be easily navigated on a mobile phone or other touch screen device. The account balance is easily seen at the bottom of the screen, while the playtable and autoplay buttons are at the bottom left. Click the playtable button to see a detailed explanation of the rules, while the autoplay button will let the game continue with no input required from the player. Advanced autoplay options let the player decide under which specific circumstances the autoplay sequence should stop. The options menu, represented by two cogs, is in the bottom right, as well as the option to turn sound on or off. Note that the game can be followed by its sound alone. If you would like more explanation on how the game works, click the information button, or contact the customer support centre of the website at which you play.

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