Having a Closer Look at Free Online Slots

A Closer Look at Free Online Slots
Posted by Larry Clark

Digital slots games are by far the most popular casino games around the world, in both land-based and online casinos. Since the days of mechanical fruit machines, slots have always represented the chance to win worthwhile jackpots betting relatively low stakes. Digital technology has transformed slots into multi-pay-line machines with riotous colours and addictive soundtracks, offering an endless selection of bonus features.

There are now thousands of digital slots titles available, ranging from the traditional fruity themes to tie-ins with the latest blockbuster movies, complete with high quality animated scenes. If there is anything dearer to a committed slots fan’s heart than the vast selection of slots to choose from online, it’s the idea of getting all their slots fun for free. But when searching for free slots online, players should bear in mind that the phrase itself has different meanings in different contexts. Some slots are freer than others.

Playing Free Slots on Free Apps

Many slots aficionados enjoy playing directly through a computer of mobile browser, but other like to download apps so that they can enjoy slots fun even when offline. Developers and casino sites are responding to the burgeoning mobile casino games market by creating new slots apps very day.

Most apps are available for free downloads, and they will also have a demo mode, or a credits-only setting, that allows the players to enjoy free slots for credits only, whenever they like. Players can also register and make deposits so that they can play slots for real money, but in most cases, the machines downloaded in this method remain free.

Internet Casino Slots

Free Slots Sites for Fun Only

Players will also find plenty of sites online, accessible via desktop, laptop or mobile browser, that offer free slots permanently. These sites are for entertainment only, and bets and wins are measured only in free credits. So these sites are for players who purely want to enjoy the thrill of beating the game. Some can be accessed via browser, while others are available as free-to-download apps. These are handy, because they allow the player to play one-on-one against the app, even when they cannot connect to the Internet.

The best free slots sites also hold regular sweepstakes and lucky draws, with cash and other valuable prizes. Players who have amassed enough credits playing free slots become eligible for these draws, so even playing slots exclusively for free can come with rewards.

Free Slots Spins as Casino Bonuses

The third category in which players can encounter free slots is in real-money online and mobile casinos. To attract and retain customers, these sites offer sign-up bonuses, deposit-matching bonuses and other regular free bonuses on their games. These incentives include free spins, especially to encourage play on a newly released title.

So players who check the Promotions pages of real-money slots sites regularly will also find the latest free slots on offer. These are the best free slots of all, because although players aren’t risking any of their own money, they still stand a chance to win real jackpots with their free spins.

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