Developing a Sound Boxing Betting Strategy

Posted by Larry Clark

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in existence and there is evidence that Boxing formed part of the Olympics as early as 688 BC. While this sport certainly can’t be called a major in New Zealand, the country has produced 2 World Champions – Bob Fitzsimmons and Torpedo Billy Murphy, and has had relative success in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games in recent years.

However, just because Boxing isn’t that popular on a professional level in New Zealand doesn’t meant that punters don’t relish placing a good variety of Boxing wagers at their favourite online sportsbook. Today we will be looking at how to develop a Boxing strategy to increase your chances of betting success.

First Steps: Find the Best Online Sportsbook

Many punters in New Zealand may not be aware of this fact, but your first step in establishing a solid Boxing strategy is finding the right online sportsbook. This may sound easy enough, as there are so many to choose from, but in fact it’s one of the most important steps of all. Unfortunately not all online sportsbooks are created equal, and as such there are plenty of sites that should rather be avoided.

“How do I find the best online sportsbook?” is a question you may find yourself asking, and the answer is quite simple. Look our for online comparison sites that list the best sportsbooks read other punters reviews and check out forums that discuss sportsbook that accept Kiwi punters. You’ll soon spot a trend as to which ones are considered the best.

Betting Types for Boxing

Once you’ve decided on a top-ranked online sportsbook and created an account, the next step in developing a Boxing strategy is to get to know the types of wagers available. Below you will find a quick guide to 3 of the most popular Boxing bets which you should familiarise yourself with before placing your first wager.

Bout betting

Is the simplest Boxing wager available, and is incredibly popular for this reason. All you have to do is predict who will be the bout winner, and there will generally be a ‘draw’ wager available as well. However, draws are infrequent in Boxing bouts, so the draw wager will always see long odds.

Round betting

A slightly more complex version of bout betting, as you will have to predict not only who will win the fight, but also in which round.  Draws and points wagers will also be offered in this category.

Full rounds wager

A ‘yes’ or ‘no’ wager on whether the bout will last the full 12 rounds, or whether the bell will be rung early for whatever reason. If you know a fighter participating in the bout is prone to Knock Out their opponent in the first few rounds, then this is a good option.

Know the Fighters & Sport Very Well

The last piece of advice we have in terms of establishing a solid Boxing strategy has to do with your knowledge of the sport itself. Many veteran punters with NZ betting sites advise that the most successful wager will always be the best informed one, and in order to succeed you need to know the sport and it’s fighters inside and out.

Therefore, similar to when one is playing online casino NZ games, research is of utmost importance when developing a reliable Boxing strategy, as you need to have a good base of information in order to spot the best betting opportunities.

Check out online sporting news, as well as mainstream media, and learn as much as you can about each fighter ahead of a big-news match.

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