Crown and Anchor Dice Game in Detail for Casino Players

Posted by Larry Clark

Crown and Anchor is an easy to play dice game, and one that sailors in the Royal Navy; British merchant and fishing fleets gambled by means of.

Crown and Anchor has its origins in the 18th century, and it remains popular in Bermuda and the Channel Islands –although it is very tightly controlled, and may be legally enjoyed only on particular occasions. These include Bermuda’s yearly Cup Match cricket game, and three agricultural shows held once a year in the Channel Islands.

Crown and Anchor makes use of three special dice, equal in shape and size to standard dice but marked differently. Instead of the usual one through six pips, these display six icons: a crown; an anchor; a diamond; a spade; a club and a heart, these last being the same icons as those used on playing cards.

Crown and Anchor Rules of Play

A player and a banker take part in Crown and Anchor, and the game is played on a piece of canvas or a felt mat which is marked with the symbols the dice display. The player will lay a wager on one or more of these icons, and then throw the dice. If there is a wager on any symbol which any of the dice reveal the banker will pay the player the amount he or she has staked for each time that icon appears: even money if only one is landed; two to one if there are two icons viewable; and three to one if there are three. If the symbol that the player has bet on does not come up, he or she will forfeit the wager placed.

Variations of Crown and Anchor

Variations of Crown and Anchor

Nepalese players have a similar game called Langur Burja, and there is a Flemish variation as well, named Anker en Zon, translating to Anchor and Sun. In the last, a sun symbol will replace that of the crown. The French also make use of the sun, and their version is known as Ancre, Pique, et Soleil, or Anchor, Spade, and Sun, and the Chinese play Hoo Hey How –Fish Prawn Crab in Hokkien.

Modern Day Crown and Anchor Play

Like Craps at, Crown and Anchor is now available for play at a selection of first-rate online casinos, allowing more people than ever before to take part as and when they please. Players are able to access these games by means of a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets, and can play for free in demo versions of the game, or place real money bets online bingo totally safely and securely.

Virtual places to play offer a variety of games for players to enjoy totally risk-free, a manner in which they hope to gain new clients once the games have been enjoyed. It is a good way to learn a new game, since players do not stand to lose any of their own money before they are ready to make a bet, and the anonymity the internet provides means the game can be learned at a player’s own pace.

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