Bingos Basics for Online Players

Posted by Larry Clark

The ticket purchaser feature can be used to select the number of desired tickets or strips for any specific bingo game. Once the tickets are purchased, there is a wait while the countdown to the game occurs, if additional tickets are desired they can still be purchased during that time. Specific tickets can also be purchased by manually selecting each desired ticket, which will then be added to the ticket purchaser box.

The bingos online game offers a bulk-purchasing feature where a large number of tickets can be purchased for any specific bingo game. Bingo tickets and strips can be pre purchased for any future games through the bingo lobby schedule. The different games playable at certain times and dates for specific bingo rooms can be selected and a desired number of tickets per game can be purchased.

The Online Bingo Game Details

While the countdown to the bingos online game is occurring the top of the screen will display certain details. These details include the game name, the total number of players in the game, the prize amount and the time until the game will begin. When the game begins the display will show the name, number of players, details of the prize and the total prize amount. All relevant information about the jackpot prize is found in the info bar above the ticket strips before and during the bingo game play.

Game Play Features of Online Bingo

The numbers on the bingos online cards can be marked off manually with a bingo dabber or the computer can select them automatically. This feature can be enabled and disabled in the options menu.

The bingo cards that are nearest to matching a winning pattern can be highlighted and each card will display the amount of numbers that are still needed to win a bingo pattern. These numbers are displayed on the side of each card. Animations and sound effects can be adjusted to be on or off during game play. The variety of colours, shapes and sizes of the bingo dabber can be chosen. Most game features can be re adjusted at any time during the bingo game.

Winning a Prize in Online Bingo

Each of the various types of bingos online games offer a variety of prizes that are won by meeting certain requirements set out in the game. The main prize is won by the first player to call out bingo when they have matched a winning pattern. If multiple players reach a winning pattern at the same time, the prize amount is divided equally between them. The winning patterns include horizontal lines, vertical, lines and diagonal lines. Some of the bingos online gaming sites offer a selection of other types of winning patterns like those that form an M or a T shape. Some require a full house to win; this is where the entire card is marked off. The payouts are usually determined by the price of the bingos online ticket and the number of players taking part in the specific bingo game. Some online gaming sites may offer a fixed minimum prize amount regardless of the price of the bingo tickets and the number of players.

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