American Roulette Explained

Posted by Larry Clark

Roulette is a simple, straightforward game of chance, sometimes referred to as the complete gambling experience. There are American roulette, and the French, or European, versions of this game. Both versions are played throughout the world, although the French roulette is mostly played in Europe. American casinos, as expected, only offer the American version.

The evolution of this popular game to an online favourite has been easy and inevitable, and will give enthusiasts a marvellous gaming experience. What makes roulette so appreciated is the clear and simple wagering, coupled with an excitement factor matched by few other games. Based purely on the luck of the spin of the wheel, players need little in depth knowledge of American roulette to be able to play, but those who keep an eye on the different odds and betting options can enhance their winning potential.

The Quintessential Casino Game and NetEnt

The spinning roulette wheel is the classic symbol of the casino industry. Everyone will instantly recognise the game, as roulette has been gambled upon from the very beginning of the casino industry.

Today almost every casino has a roulette wheel, and roulette online has become, thanks to some of the great game developers like Net Entertainment, an exceedingly vibrant and popular form of the game. Roulette online is at the very top of the thriving online casino industry, and as such, is one of the games most played online. Net Entertainment have, as their objective, the development of the very finest in the gaming world; the finest graphics, the finest sound and the finest in mathematics. This initiative they call ‘Better Gaming’. The core focus strategy of better gaming is based around innovation.

NetEnt’s 15 years’ experience of developing online gaming systems and games, combined with 45 years’ experience of land-based casino operations is what they bring to the casino gameplay market. Not only does this show NetEnt’s continued commitment to impact the industry, but it also showcases their knowledge and expertise in successful American roulette.

A Complete Casino Experience

In roulette, players bet on the outcome of the spin of a ball around a numbered wheel. Where the ball ends up, in conjunction with the bets placed around that number will determine the payout. Players can bet on individual numbers, sets of numbers on even or odd numbers or the colour of the numbers. There are many ways to bet on roulette, and much has been written on betting strategies.

Betting and American Roulette

The table is divided into two sections that are called the inside and outside bets. On the inside of the layout players gamble on between one and six numbers.   Payouts will vary on the spots or combinations bet upon. The outside bets consist of red or black, even or odd numbers, low numbers 1 to 18, and high numbers 19 to 36. All wagers on any of the numbers specifically are known as inside bets. Players can make as many inside bets, on as many combinations of numbers, as desired. The difference between American roulette and European roulette is the 0, or green numbers. In European roulette there is just one 0 number, whereas in American roulette there is a second or 00 number. This has an effect on the mathematics of the game in that the odds for the player of American roulette are slightly more in favour of the house due to the additional 0. The zero in roulette is the house edge.

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