A Look at Mr and Mrs Gambler – A Gambling Related Film

Posted by Larry Clark

Mr and Mrs Gambler is a film made in Hong Kong in 2012, starring Chapman To and Fiona Sit. It is classified as a romantic comedy, and notwithstanding the title of the movie, it is not really a gambling film.

The two people meet as a result of their compulsive gambling, but their relationship goes through various problems not really related to gambling. Chapman To is an irresponsible person who is only happy when he is betting on the horses, cards or football matches, and nothing, not even a heavy loss will stop him. He and Flora (Fiona Sit) meet on their way to the racetrack, and fall in love without changing their shared passion for high stakes gambling. Marriage is the next step, a child arrives, and the story continues. Years pass, romantic rivals get in the way, and there is even a hostage drama in the background. With divorce and a broken home on the horizon, they may return to their days of self destructive gambling to save their marriage.

Different Themes That can Destroy Marriage

Mr and Mrs Gambler does deal with a few present day themes that can get in the way of a successful marriage. Distance between the couple, separate goals, and the problems faced by children of parents who are gambling addicts. They do come to the conclusion that gambling is not a great deal when there is the future of the family on the line. The plot of Mr and Mrs Gambler is not complicated, but there are plenty of laughs. Some of the jokes are half in Cantonese and half in English, and the actors do seem to be having fun with their sparring.

The Forms of Gambling That They Enjoy

The gambling on horses seems to be the main attraction for the couple. They visit race tracks often, and the betting is very important. This is one of the oldest forms of gambling, and is extremely popular all over the world. Everything is appealing, the beautiful horses, the colours of the jockeys, the huge purses offered and the wide range of bets. It is also easy to find out where a bet can be placed.

The entire human race loves the entertaining world of sport. There is a huge amount of money spent on betting on football matches in particular, and that has become a worldwide industry. The combination of sports and wagering provide many people with hours of entertainment, and these days there are many sports betting sites available.

All the Games Available in a Casino

Betting on cards in a casino can be done in almost any of the table games offered by casinos. Poker, blackjack or baccarat are the most popular card games, and there are many ideas on how to win. There are different strategies that players are convinced will help them to win, and there are always players willing to keep betting on the outcome of the cards, no matter how many times they lose. The people in the movie Mr and Mrs Gambler meet at a casino in Macau which offers all the classic table and card games.

Mr and Mrs Gambler will not win any awards, but the film is fun, and definitely made with an eye on the commercial aspect. The director doesn’t offer anything new, the film is probably made with a small budget, and some Hong Kong films are inclined to glamorize gambling.

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