A Guide to Playing Frog Royale Slot for Casino Pokies Players

Posted by Larry Clark

Blue Gem’s Frog Royale slot is based on the Frog Prince, a traditional fairy tale collected by the brothers Grimm. It’s an online casino slot, and has five reels and 20 paylines.

Being a video slot, it features special symbols, free spins, and bonus games, as well as a Double Up game. In addition, it has 3D graphics, animations and special effects, and a soundtrack in keeping with the theme.

The original story upon which Frog Royale slot is based concerns a princess who accidentally dropped a golden ball into a pond. Attempting to retrieve it, she met a talking frog.

After several encounters, the princess released the creature from a curse. The frog was revealed to be a handsome prince. In recent versions of the story, the curse was broken by a kiss, but in the Grimm version, she threw the frog against a wall in a fit of disgust.

Frog Royale Reel Symbols

The reel symbols of Frog Royale slot all relate to the fairy tale. There is one set of symbols used in the base game, and another set that is used in the free spins round.

The symbols used in the base game include those such as a book, the frog, the princess, a castle under a rainbow, water lilies, bugs, a gold ball, and a cobblestone pathway.

Those in the free spins round include a sofa, an evil enchanter, a white horse, two different foods, a bed, thrones, and two different images of the prince and princess.

Frog Expanding Wild

The frog is one of the bonus symbols in Frog Royale slot. It is an expanding Wild, and can only be found on the second, third, and fourth reels.

When the symbol lands on a reel, it can expand to fill several positions. It can also substitute itself for other symbols so it can become part of combinations that win. The only symbols it won’t substitute for are the princess and the gold ball.

Princess Scatter, Gold Ball Feature, and Lily Game

Another special symbol on the Frog Royale slot reels is the princess. She is a scatter symbol that triggers free spins and is part of the gold ball feature.

The princess can trigger free spins from anywhere on the reels. Three of her trigger 10 free spins four trigger 20 free spins, and five trigger 30 free spins.

The Frog Royale slot free spins are played on a different set of reels with the second set of symbols. The appearance of three or more throne symbols will retrigger the free spins.

The princess’ gold ball is on her lap. When she lands on the reels, the ball falls off her lap, rolls off the reels, and drops into a basket. A prize is won whenever three gold balls are collected in the basket.

The Lily game is triggered when lily Click Me symbols land on the first, third, and fifth reels. Clicking one of the three lily symbols will reveal a prize.

Frog Royale Double Up Game

The Frog Royale slot Double Up game can be played whenever a winning combination lands on the reels. In the game, the payout from the winning combination is staked on a 50/50 chance of doubling it.

The game takes the form of a coin flip. The two possible outcomes are heads or tails.

Frog Royale Betting

The Frog Royale slot minimum coin value is 0.05, and the maximum is 5.00. Paylines can be adjusted, as can the bet per line.

The minimum bet per spin is 0.05, and the maximum is 500.00.

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