A Detailed Look at Keno Online in New Zealand

A Detailed Look at Keno Online
Posted by Larry Clark

Keno dates back to ancient China, believed by many to have saved a city from war and help fund the Great Wall of china, keno NZ options have been optimized for Kiwis in quest of the lottery style game in New Zealand.

The majority of keno NZ gaming options are structured around the standard 10-20-80-lottery style setup. Players from New Zealand opting for keno NZ games will need to select from one to ten numbers between the ranges of one to eighty.

Random number generators will draw twenty numbers and players will receive prizes in accordance to the numbers that match up with the predictions on the keno NZ card.

The Basics of Keno

Players opting for keno NZ options, in brick and mortar establishments, will be subjected to fifteen to twenty minute intervals between draws.

Kiwis making use of online keno NZ providers will enjoy instantaneous action, with winning numbers appearing seconds after the card is submitted.

The basics of keno NZ gaming options are cemented in a lottery style pick and win, numbers based game. With the basics of keno NZ games straightforward, kiwis opting for the game simply select random numbers from one to eighty.

The dealer or random number generator will then draw twenty numbers from the eighty, players will be awarded with prizes depending on the amount of numbers wagered on and the amount of numbers correctly predicted.

Keno Platforms in New Zealand

Players from New Zealand in quest of thrilling keno NZ gaming options have a variety of platforms available. The majority of quick start keno NZ options can be located online, from reputable online casino providers.

Optimized for the web and developed by industry leading gaming software, online keno NZ makes use of random number generators, which afford players with the opportunity to predict just one single number up to 20.

Land based keno NZ markets run through the lottery and players from New Zealand can make use of scratch cards to predict the winning numbers. With as many as four keno NZ lottery draws per day, keno NZ games have the potential to reward lucrative winnings to players from New Zealand.

Keno Platforms In New Zealand

Getting Started

Players from New Zealand opting for online keno NZ games will be thrilled by software that brings keno NZ to life. The games interface is life like and realistic. The setup positions players in an intimate one on one game, with the house.

The keno NZ ticket and grid is located in the middle of the screen. Players in New Zealand can click on the grid to select numbers directly.

Like in other favourites at for Canadians, in the bottom section of the screen, kiwis will notice an information box displaying game information such as the winnings, total balance, quick numbers picker, the wager amount that can be fully interchanged for individual needs and the start/play button.

The Winnings

Select numbers from the grid, adjust the token amount and click start to set off with keno NZ games. Wagering on varying amounts of numbers will provide players from New Zealand with different payout rates.

For example if Kiwis wager just one number, one number must correspond on the draw to win three times the wager amount.

Placing wagers on two numbers with one number corresponding in the draw will award players with 1X wager amount, with two numbers correctly predicted, rewarding players with a whopping 9X wager amount.

Players in New Zealand in quest of the most rewarding keno NZ wagers should locate the pay table. This information will explain wagers and winnings for each unique wager on varying numbers.

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