There are times that some of the parents would spill some oil on the carpet because they are in a hurry or they are very busy preparing the breakfast meal. Some would have a hard time thinking about how to remove the oil from the carpet without damaging the quality of it and without using any harmful chemicals and agents. There could be a way like hiring a professional carpet cleaning Regina service company to help you with this matter and not to think too much of the proper removal. Others would put some flour or they are going to wash the carpet which could be a time-consuming activity to do especially if you are too busy to do it.  

Not everyone knows about the proper removal of the oil from the carpet but you should know it because it will be very helpful to you and to the carpet.  

Oil could be in a liquid form and it is hard to get rid because of the properties that it has and it is too slimy to be touched there. All you need to do is to put and pour some baking soda or powder to the area that the oil was spilled and make sure to cover the area. It is fine that you will put some and too much powder to the affected area as it won’t harm the carpet and even the quality or the carpet’s color. Don’t worry about scrubbing the part of the carpet with the starch as it would help to absorb the oil from it and it is safe to use than others.  

It is common for others that they would leave the baking soda to the carpet for some time and go back to it after a day to vacuum the surface. If the oil is coming from the dish that has a very strong color or smell, then you need another step to get rid of it from the overall surface. You may try using a liquid type of dishwashing soap and prepare a sponge that you can use to scrub the area with the oil and don’t forget the water. You need to bring your carpet outside of the house or to a place where there is a sun that would help to make the drying of the carpet faster.  

An alcohol in your house to sanitize your hands could be a good choice as well to remove the oil by doing the blotting way and be careful in this. You don’t want to scrub the surface of the carpet too much as it would remove the color and damage the fibers of the carpet and the color will fade. Don’t try using an air spray to remove the smell of the alcohol from the carpet as it would not result in a nice outcome and you might regret. You need a fan to make the drying process faster in this type of cleaning activity instead of getting a service company.